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Laura Jacquelin

Laura Jacquelin

I’m here for US. I believe that sharing our stories can create deep connections, help us feel less alone, and plant some legit courage for the hard days.  When that doesn’t work, I watch Portlandia.

So then. I was made the old-fashioned way, with lots of sex and nakedness between a man and a woman, during the Summer of Love.  I’m the 5th generation to plant roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA since my Super Extra Great Grandmother arrived straight from Ireland as a young woman bent on coming to America.

You might say that I have independence running through my blood.

Sunrise to sunset, I’m a single parent to two teenage daughters who simultaneously break my heart and fill me up with so much joy I think my heart will explode.  I’m also a divorcee who still holds hope for love and romance, I believe in a merciful God, vote democratic at the polls, consider myself a liberal,  and sometimes use profanity.  I’m addicted to reading: cereal boxes, pulitzer prize winning novels, my Bible, freeway graffiti, the new yorker, entire sushi menus. Anything close enough to be in focus.

When my eyes are tired, I listen to french cooking music.  I love Pandora almost as much as Jesus.

I’m thankful for my dear friends and family, who have stayed with me through the wailing, the confusion, the brilliant moments and the petty breakdowns. So much love.

So here’s to US. I hope you find great courage and ridiculous hope in these short pieces, to keep moving in your best direction, to become the most amazing version of yourself that you can imagine.  And for crying out loud, let’s find each other.

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