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[ Photo by Mroux Bulikowska on Unsplash ]

I’ve never been great at clipping coupons or holding out for milk and eggs until Super Saver Dollar Days.  But if I cruise by a 24-pack of canned tuna on sale, you can bet it’ll be in my pantry by noon.  Impulsive deals are sexy.

Which is why I love the entire world of Groupon copycats that stumble into my inbox every morning. No planning, no list-making, no coupon-cutting required. You might even say it’s ADD-friendly.

Living Social stole my heart, offering hip stuff that simultaneously promised to make me a super-cool person while creating a Bucket List worth publishing. I felt more adventurous just by opening my inbox each morning.

Today’s Deal! 72 sessions with a personal trainer, an 83-day excursion around the world, under-water sushi-making, nude sculpting classes for the entire family… all for the price of a double-tall-non-fat-caramel-machiatto. Or something like that.

Until recently: Toe Fungus Removal. 15 minutes for One Foot, only $299.

That’s a bigger price tag than the hot yoga wear at Lulu Lemon.

Has Toe Fungus truly become a social epidemic?  Is Toe Fungus reaching heights on Bucket Lists around the world? I looked the other way when I watched Carpet Cleaning and Teeth Whitening sneak into my inbox. But this was too much to bear.

I want my brands to stay faithful.  I don’t need Pottery Barn Dog Food, or Rocky Road Ice Cream from the Mac Store.  I expect Tide to clean my clothes; McDonald’s to deliver french fries that are crazy hot and full of grease; and I wanted Living Social to give me deals for Lifestyle Awesomeness.

Deep down, I fear that my bucket list isn’t all that interesting.  I’m not afraid of the dying part. Just the Living Awesome part.  And I trusted Living Social to raise me up at least One Adventurous Notch.

So I guess I feel a bit betrayed and misunderstood. And at the end of the day, or first thing in morning, isn’t that all we want? To be understood? To know that someone out there Gets Us?  Even a fledgling startup brand that caters to my cheap side?

So I’m settling in. Getting comfortable with Today. Never mind tomorrow, or publishing my bucket list, or leaving a legacy of Awesome Adventures.

I’m staying faithful to the hearts I hold at this very moment, waking up grateful each day the sun rises in the east. Staying true to my amazing daughters, my dear friends and family at large, the lemon tree in my backyard, the dog I have to walk, and all the crazies on the street who say hello because they’re loose in the head.

I’m trading up.  Living Grateful.

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